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The town of Kynwood Peaks.

Basic town layout

Main store links
*The Black Adagio
+ Has private residence inside
+ Voodoo workshop in sub-basement (false floor)
*General Store
+ Has private residence in town
+ Maybell Savannah

*Train Station
+ Emmet Darwin
*Corral + Leathershop
+ Has private residence in town
+ Issac Eli Verra
*Boarding House
+ Has private residence inside
+ Run by twins Jed and Jeb. Jed is a joker, Jeb is dead serious.
+ Has private residence in town
+ Cliff Thurman
+House behind store
+ Nicolas Manning
+ Has private residence in town
+ Has private residence above
*Land and Telegraph Office
+ Has private residence in town
*Freight Office (Train station)
+ Has private residence in town

Links to main NPCs
*Sheriff – Ruffus John Castell
+ A man of the old west. He doesn’t like the tin horns coming into City Hall. However, he has little say in the matter. He has to fill out a form for each bullet fired, mainly cause he doesn’t get along with those who make the forms. A perpetual shotglass of whiskey and dying cigar.

*Indian Tribe Elder/Leader – (Pro-peace)
+ A ancient man of few words. He says what he means and means what he says. He believes the old ways are the only solutions, he doesn’t understand the greed of the white man, but he knows that bloodshed is wrong either way. He wants to coexist. To them the forests and plains, to the white man the riches of the earth.

*Indian Tribe Warrior – (Anti-Peace)
+ A young brash warrior, second to the elder. However they couldn’t be more different. Where his father wants peace, he wants to drive the whiteman out from their lands, and out from their country. He is willing to use the whiteman’s guns against them. He has been stockpiling them when he can.

*Miner Camp Leader – (Anti-Peace)
+ A gruff mountain of a man. City Hall might not want to start a fight with the injuns. But he sure as hell will. He’s had to bury enough friends. Any Injun on their territory is fairgame.

*Mining Company Leader (Pro-Peace [Betrayal])
+ A businessman from the east. He wants peace so that he can focus on mining, he’ll get rid of the indians if they discover something they want on their land.

*Resident Mad Scientist

-Links to important areas

*Mining camps -
+ Mad Scientist is working on putting a minerail system connecting the camp to the town. Charging a fee per use. To finance his other works.

*Mining Company Office -
+ Kills miners who find a big score and don’t sell the plot.
+ Miners can sell their goods to either the freight office or to the company direct. Company offers a better deal but don’t stick a motherlode and don’t sell to them

+ Mordecai cleans up the dead. He fleeces the dead for all their worth. He also works the graveyard and will sell the recently dead if they make a good deal. Off the books.

+ Hanged criminals caught violating the tenuous pact between the Indians and town are displayed along the road. The railroad doesn’t cross this path so only the poor get to see it.
*Barber shop
*Sheriff’s office
+ Zack the town drunk is usually in here.

*City Hall
+ Tin horns from the east are civilizing this town. Bureaucrats and money.

+ Connected behind the Freight office. Two armed guards at all times.
+ Hold your breath
*Crossroads Saloon
+ Players can make a deal with the devil. Though this is before the blues so no one knows about that stuff. Still, deals can be made.

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